Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Back

Wish I could say "April Fool's" but I can't.

So let's just go with...I did what I was supposed to do, learned what I was supposed to learn, and found my way back a VERY short amount of time.

Yeah, yeah...I know what you are thinking. Bite me.

Lots in the works here though. I suppose I wasn't quite finished reaping the benefits of Houston. So THERE!


robkroese said...

You moved to New Orleans and back in a month?

Not criticizing here, just asking.

Latayy said...

Sorry the reason why my profile was unavailible is because when I started my blog I used a gmail address I no longer use. Everytime I log into blogger I have to use this email address that I do not use normally. Anyways I will post the response to your questions on my blog in New York part 5 where you posted the original question. This profile I am posting is linked to my blog sorry about that.

Latayy said...

hey i left you a long winded reply on my site on new york part 5 be sure to read it before leaving
bye for now